Dempseys Upholstery.

Beautiful Furniture for Beautiful Rooms

            Welcome to Dempsey Upholstery and our range of quality manufactured furniture for the home. Centrally located in the heart of England, we have been making furniture to meet a wide variety of requirements for many years. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and able to be flexible in the manufacture of our furniture, ensuring we supply products that exactly meet your requirements.

Dempsey Upholstery has been at the forefront of the specialist furniture making industry for over 20 years. This is a forward thinking company that prides itself on top quality standards and innovation in design that has made it a favourite amongst discerning home-makers throughout the UK and beyond.

Dempsey Upholstery offers a wide choice of upholstery materials and finishes, plus a range of classic style legs with 9in and 12in options to complement its furniture. So there is always something different to maintain that all-important customer appeal.

Dempseys Upholstery.

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